[21.08.2015] Ethereum++ quick GPU pool mining setup on windows


  • open command prompt, paste in and run line below and install c++ Ethereum client:
    bitsadmin /transfer cpp-ethereum "https://build.ethdev.com/builds/Windows%20C%2B%2B%20develop%20branch/Ethereum%20%28%2B%2B%29-win64-latest.exe" %temp%\eth++.exe & %temp%\eth++.exe
  • add PATH local variables, substitute { VERSION } with your Ethereum version:
    C:\Program Files\Ethereum (++) { VERSION }\Release
    C:\Program Files\Ethereum (++) { VERSION }\bin
  • in command prompt start Ethereum daemon and let blockchain synchronize (you can stop it later, it don't need to run when mining on pool):
    eth -b -i  
  • open another command prompt window, run Ethereum console:
    generate your wallet and copy returned account (starting with 0x - this is your new wallet address) and uuid somewhere safe. Don't forget to backup your password as well:
    web3.admin.eth.newAccount({name:"account01",password:"Write here a good, randomly generated, passphrase!", passwordHint:"my hint"})
  • make sure you have latest GPU driver and opencl drivers (app sdk) installed, start miner in benchmark (-M) mode for GPU mining (-G):
    ethminer -M -G
    DAG will be generated and benchmark give you picture about your hashrate.
    in case your rig have more than one opencl capable GPU, navigate to desired card using:
    --opencl-platform 0
    and/or: (of course, substitute 0 with desired platform/device number.)
    --opencl-device 0
  • choose one of pools: and run miner (replace all curly brackets):
    ethminer -F { POOL ADDRESS }:{ PORT }/{ YOUR ETHEREUM ADDRESS 0x... }/{ MH/s } -G
    or (ethereumpool.co):
    ethminer -F { POOL ADDRESS }:{ PORT }/{ MH/s }@{ YOUR ETHEREUM ADDRESS 0x... } -G
    so, it should look like this for example:
    ethminer -F pooleum.com:3000/0x9931d557592df55fcba2118d54f054309571c5db/20 -G
  • some tools:
  • if you want to check balance of your accounts, open Ethereum console and get array of accounts by running:
    and display balance of desired account by index in array:
  • keep your cards cool!
  • have fun!